LOANGOLD.TOP is one of the investment platforms, offering our expertise in different areas - for newcomers. Our mission is to make bitcoin and gold trading and earning an easy and fast return for everyone. We have already been working for several years in the forex and investments industry. We decided to use our knowledge and strength to build a huge network to help investors get guaranteed profits. The way our site works is that we invest in the stock market and emerging stocks. The stock market and investing are already very popular. We already have a lot of projects in Germany and Europe. Want to participate in our network. You can start investing by the payment methods accepted by our partnerships and start earning right away. You don't have to wait several months to earn a profit because we have already established the largest investment network on the highest scale and we are looking forward to expanding this network

About LoanGold.TOP


  • Real Investment

    We are investing in gold loans and other loans, etc.

  • Support 24/7

    We are available at any time to support an investor have any inquiry or issue.

  • Instant Withdrawals

    We handle requests Withdrawal on spot (instant)


William Favela
Founder & CEO
Jerry Blanton
General Manager
Kristin Conger
Marketing Director
Ernest Cabrera
Developer Director